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Fiona Campbell

Flavours of Launceston — recipes

FLAVOURS OF LAUNCESTON is an online recipe project created to educate and provide ideas for action about food security and sustainable food systems.

The Green Space Cookbook

CAIRNS: To get you inspired about producing your own food, we've put together this handy cookbook with explanations of the many tropical foods you can

Flavours of Launceston — the launch

The publication of the Flavours of Launceston recipe book and the associated website launch Community Gardens Australia into new edible territory and place the Tasmanian

Thank you

There are so many people to thank for this wonderful cookbook — Flavours of Launceston.

Jo Dean

Community Gardens Australia’s online recipe website will continue to nourish people throughout our global gardening community.

Costa Georgiadis

Like the community gardens and the gardeners who tend them, this cookbook is filled with stories and history that are deeply infused in the flavours

Hannah Moloney

This cookbook is a tool for nourishment and connection and I personally can't wait to make the Warrigal Greens Palusami…

Rees Campbell

This recipe book, Flavours of Launceston cookbook, has been lovingly created from the ground to the table and inspires all of us who belong to

Launceston City of Gastronomy 

Within this book are some of those recipes for you to make and enjoy with others…

Flavours of Launceston — project

The purpose of this online recipe project is to educate and provide ideas for action about food security and sustainable food systems. What we hope

Happy New Life Garden — recipes

MELBOURNE: The creation of this 28-page book was a bit like the 'Happy New Life Garden' itself…

Simple Pleasures — recipes

MELBOURNE: Recipes from the residents of Loxton Lodge, November 2007.

How To Peel & Segment Citrus Fruit

Stephanie Alexander shows us how to prepare citrus fruit without getting sticky fingers.

How to Cut an Onion

Stephanie Alexander teaches you different ways to cut an onion. Cutting an onion is probably the most basic of all kitchen tasks and every cook

Preparing Artichokes

Stephanie Alexander shows us how to transform this tricky vegetable into a delicate, tender delicacy.